An Integrative Bodywork session is comprised of an in-depth understanding of human anatomy and kinesiology applied to any and all of the following modalities:

Myo-Fascial Release & Trigger Point Release (Deep Tissue Techniques) & Cranial Sacral Therapy.

These modalities help resolve a range of issues: TMJ and jaw tension, Back, Neck and Shoulder pain and discomfort, numbness and tingle-y sensations in the arms, tightness in the hips and hamstrings. They also bring relief to Pregnancy related tension, headaches, post-concussion symptoms and recovery from injury/surgery.

My grounded and intuitive approach to massage focuses on the nervous system and muscle tissues. I blend subtle and firm pressure to yield effective results. Sessions entail unwinding stuck patterns of connective tissue, expanding and deepening the breath, unlocking muscles, mobilizing joints, and facilitating an energetic awareness of bones, fostering an overall fluid sense of ease in body and mind. -Randi Kofsky, CMT

What people are saying… (For more reviews, Check out Yelp!)

“I saw Randi when I was experiencing acute shoulder pain. I had been stretching and went for a few deep tissue massages. I found that Randi was able to really loosen the tension and knots and the results lasted longer than the other massages I had gotten. I've recommended her bodywork to clients who have reported excellent results as well.” - Dusty H. Crossfit Trainer, Los Angeles

Randi is a one of its kind bodyworker. I have never had such an experience. She follows up an any treatment so that she is prepared for the next appointment. She is never satisfied if she could not address a specific issue and has always studied between appointments to find ways to address complaints the next time.” – Oliver R., Physician, San Francisco