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Innerwave Bodywork

 randi Kofsky, CMT

Cranial Sacral Therapy & Integrative Bodywork Practice

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My Mission and passion.....

To help people gain insight and feel connected with their bodies

My mission and passion is to help people gain insight and feel connected with their bodies so that they may live more fully and with ease. I’m delighted to be your wellness partner in this process. 

-Randi Kofsky, CMT

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Randi is truly a gifted and intuitive bodyworker. I have had tons of massage and bodywork and Randi stands out as one of the best. I had asked for a cranio-sacral session with her, and I really appreciate that she instead assessed what my body actually needed at the moment, which turned out to be some gentle holds, working on a much deeper level. You can feel her sensitivity and her caring through her touch. I can’t recommend her highly enough. I felt a huge difference after her session.
— Denise L.
Randi has the ability to make time stop! The outside world of stress and commitments melts away during a session with her. I appreciate that she takes a thorough assessment before starting her session and looks for changes after the healing session. Not only do I feel like a million bucks, but it’s great to know my body has showed changes as well. I highly recommend her if you are in a funk, have some pain or tension, or just need an opportunity to realign yourself!!
— Katherine M.
Randi is amazing! I work long hours and generally feel a lot of stress/tension in my neck and back but Randi relieves all of it each time I see her. I see her regularly, ever month. She really has healing hands. I highly recommend Randi to anyone who wants to feel better!
— Iman A.



About Me


Randi is passionate about the mind-body connection which inspired her path as a Bodyworker and Reiki Master in 2001 at the San Francisco School of Massage & Bodywork.  (read all of it here)

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A good Bodywork session can help with all sorts of postural challenges we face in modern life from long commutes, to sitting and/or standing all day as well engaging in intense activities such as weight lifting and HIIT workouts. Here’s a bit more about how I practice and how it can help you… Book online or call/text: 415/745-2542