About Randi Kofsky

Randi is passionate about the mind-body connection which inspired her path as a Bodyworker and Reiki Master in 2001 at the San Francisco School of Massage & Bodywork. She has accrued over 900 hours of training and has assisted Master Teachers: Eric Rubin, DC, Art Riggs, Rolfer & Marty Morales, Rolfer. She completed the coursework in Cranial Sacral Therapy at the Milne Institute in Big Sur, CA as well as the integrative anatomy cadaver workshop with Gil Hedley.

Randi has been on staff  at a variety of spas and health centers including Suchada Traditional Thai Massage, UCSF Recreation Centers and The Women’s Health Resource Center at California Pacific Medical Center where she specialized in Pre/Post-Natal Bodywork. She is also certified in Massage for people with Cancer.

What I do

My work helps people to relax, breathe deeper, feel less pain and move better. By unwinding bounded energy and stress in the nervous system while simultaneously addressing connective tissue and muscle groups stuck in holding patterns, clients are able to “let go”. I follow the flow of subtle energies through the spinal cord, lengthening the spine.  Many clients remark “feeling taller” after a session.  My goal is to support ease, integration and an experience of feeling whole in a body.

My Approach

I work from a holistic perspective as there are myriad influences on how we are in a body.  I ask clients to fill out a questionnaire before the session and we discuss the responses when we meet.  We take note of how clients stand and move in space, and any patterns that have taken form.

My skill range spans a wide breadth of modalities and pressure. I pay attention to how people breathe throughout the session. It’s important to me that my clients feel safe, comfortable and can trust the process of the work.

In closing the session, we make a plan for how often bodywork is indicated. Oftentimes, people choose to work with me for at least a few sessions in order to unwind long held tension and establish a new baseline. I also discuss ways clients can support the work we’ve done between sessions.
People find my work is very effective for back and neck pain, shoulder issues, migraine and cluster headaches, jaw tension, hip pain and sciatic nerve issues.  I help a lot of people with nerve-y sensations in the arms and wrists. Athletes seek my assistance when training for an event or overdoing a workout. I’m certified in pre/post natal massages and have helped women through high risk pregnancies.