The Shoulds in Your Shoulders

The Shoulds in Your Shoulders

Have you heard that you carry all the things you believe you "Should" do (or be) in your Shoulders?

That forward leaning and contracted posture most of us form into, especially when using smart phones, comes primarily from our minds pulling us head first into our lives. It's also often an unspoken reason many new year resolutions fall away before we've completed them. The mind is great at getting ahead of itself.

Yet, when we let our hearts lead, we're naturally expanded open. It's also through the strong desires of our hearts that we are able to develop habits solidly into our day to day. With the heart at the helm, the "shoulding" shoulders remember that it's okay to relax back and balance acitvity with still receptivity.

As you make your way into the year ahead, Check your Shoulds. Are they aligned with the longings of your heart?
Wishing you a heartful 2018! 


Randi Kofsky