Creating Time

What helps you slow down?

A few weeks ago, my flight was cancelled at the last minute for a weekend trip I had planned for months.  My immediate disappointment shifted into elation as I realized that I was just gifted 3 whole unscheduled days. I don't recall exactly what I did with my unexpected gift of time, but I remember feeling more in flow with the moment and connected with myself and my environment than I had in the days prior. My nervous system was highly appreciative.

Isn't this the effect that inspires us to plan a trip to "get away" in the first place? Being "somewhere else", we usually find it easier to stay engaged with where we are and what's happening now, creating the feeling of having time or for some, the feeling that time doesn't even exist (perhaps they're the same?).

As the Summer season settles in, I find I'm seeking a similar experience of how I spent those unpredicted 3 days. I've listed ways I can "drop in" while I'm here in sometimes sunny SF.

Option 1.
* Schedule 3 days off with nothing planned.

Option 2 (when option 1 is unavailable)  
* Block off Creative Time where I write, draw or engage in some other flow-based activity.
* Walk at the beach (especially in the morning)
* Schedule Summer Hours (giving myself extra time each day)
* Receive Bodywork/Energy work (the body is always in present time)
* Swim at a local pool (water enhances the feeling of being in flow)

What are some ways you access unscheduled mode?

PS. There's clearly more to be said about time including the understanding that time is a concept, a state of mind and exists the way we deem it in our lives. But this is another blog post topic. ;-)

Wishing you a delightful Summertime,



Randi Kofsky