Stretching Out and Receiving


After what felt like many moons, I recently went to a yoga class.
It's always amazing to me how much I can learn about my body, the place I have spent my entire life, within an hour and a half, using 2 things that are available to me most of the time -  a wall and a floor.

In this session we spent time focusing on the difference between pushing against the wall versus leaning on it, receiving its stability without effort. 

This idea of receiving stability stayed with me throughout the 90 minutes. What do we rely on when we are not stable in our body? Typically, it's the run away train of our minds, which leads us to "figure it out", and think "harder", often closing us down in the process. Yet, what if we focused on receiving the thoughts instead of chasing them?

The same thing can be applied to movement. Next time you're walking down the street (and you remember that you read this), stretch your attention out to receiving the support from the ground as opposed to the effort of placing your foot onto it and see how you feel.

What are the places in your body where you tend towards efforting when receiving is an option?  

Be Well-


Randi Kofsky