Twist My Arm: Alleviating Wrist and Hand Pain

Tingling, numbness and pain in the arms, wrists and hands are common complaints.  Oftentimes people are bewildered by these symptoms that seem to begin out of nowhere and with seemingly benign activities such as driving, using a keypad, working out and cooking.  This situation is mainly due to the fact that most of us are unaware of how tension builds in these areas. As logic would dictate, folks usually begin to stretch their hands and wrists to try to counteract the pain and uncomfortable sensations. However, though it may feel good in the moment or for a day or 2, this strategy typically does not make a sustainable impact on long-term relief.


The root of what is causing the tension lies further upstream. 

When addressing the wrists with bodywork, I think of the contributing areas as moving through locks in a canal, clearing the tension in one allows me to continue onto the next. Tension typically begins to accrue in the head and neck from forward leaning posture, also connecting to the pectoralis/chest muscles. The shoulders, biceps and other upper arm muscles need to be worked in order to approach the elbow and forearm with the ability to create some length in these areas that directly affect the wrists and hands. There’s a lot of arm twisting motions involved as the elbow and wrist rotate. 

Working this way, allows me to detect exactly where the tissue is being pulled upon in the wrist and hands, so I can release it and free the entire path through the arm, promoting the fullest range of motion.

DIY Tips: 

*Taking a breath and exhale outwards to the upper ribcage, softening under the arms (at the armpits).

*Walk your fingers up a wall next to a doorless doorframe. Put the opposite foot slightly through the doorway and gently lunge, opening the upper chest and shoulder of the arm. If you feel any pain or intense sensation, stop. 

*Roll the neck to all 4 directions- back, front and both sides

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Randi Kofsky